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The Chicken or the Egg?

An age old question arose as I contemplated how to use the birch Cradled Panels. Should I attach the paper before or after painting? If I paint first, I can toss anything I’m not fond of and not waste the panel. But if I adhere the paper first, it stays flat — no buckling while […]

Inspired by Trilliums

It doesn’t take a long walk into the woods to find inspiration — especially in Spring with the Trillium blooming — hundreds of them! And each one unique. I’ve been grabbing my camera to record favorites — close-up, and from every angle — in sunlight, in the rain. Then took some inside where I could […]

Texture revisited

A couple of “special effects” can be used in conjunction with watercolor paint to create interesting texture. I am using them on the Cradled Panels by American Easel. KROMA Crackle, comes in a tube. It’s a new product made by a company in Vancouver BC. An actual sample of it is applied to the label. […]

Seattle Demo

I was invited to demonstrate how I use the Cradled Panels to attach my watercolor paintings and finish them for display, using acrylic products, at the National Art Education Association Convention in downtown Seattle, March 18th. The panels are made from birch by American Easel, in Salem, Oregon and they are available at Art Media […]

Out of the Frame – Onto the Cradle

To show a painting in the WSO exhibits, a frame with plexiglass is required. So I invested in one for this painting, with the plan of ditching it for a cradled board later. Notice the reflection off the plexi. I’m also reclaiming the border that was hidden behind a thin mat inside the frame. This […]

A Gift in Graphite

UPS brought me a huge box the other day. Inside, under an enormous amount of styrofoam peanuts, were a couple of intricate graphite drawings by one of my first art teachers, Vic Thomas, in two 24 x 28 inch metal frames. The art is delightful and I wanted to place it appropriately! But with two […]

Using Aquabord

Aquabord, if you haven’t tried it for watercolor, works a little differently than any other surface. Water absorbs into the clay while the pigment floats on top, allowing for granulating patterns and lifting of paint. The clay turns buff colored when wet and dries back to white. The sculpted surface encourages pigment to granulate. Layering […]

VARIATIONS: Myrna Wacknov Workshop, OSA 2011

A week of exploration yielded paintings based on an image that Myrna provided, plus I used reference of the same person, (Mike Henderson — an art instructor, painter and blues musician), captured from on an online video. My goal was to work in different styles, using materials both new and familiar. Value study sketches were […]