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A Cradled Birch Panel by American Easel is contemporary and gallery appropriate for a watercolor painting when finished with acrylic Clicking on any red text below will take you to related blog posts: Attach blank watercolor paper or finished painting —­ either will work. Be sure to check the tips & tricks and the materials […]

Showing Art / Home & Garden show

This was supposed to auto-post last March…                         but it didn’t! I was over at the Home & Garden show, February 20 through 24, at the Expo Center, painting much of the time. Thanks to all who stopped by! There were new paintings this year, including Theresa’s Orchids on white, below. Last year at the […]

Acrylic Finishes for Watercolor

I’m often asked about the acrylic mediums I use to finish watercolor paintings. Here are the products I use. WOOD CRADLED PANELS American Easel in Salem Oregon makes a wonderful birch cradled panel that is reasonably priced. Most art stores carry them. Or order special sizes, 6 at a time, direct from the factory. They […]

Marbling Transformation

I’ve been playing with Marbling…   Besides being so much fun, it’s one way to turn a painting that doesn’t quite gel into something amazing. Of course, I never really know what I’ll end up with, but sometimes I get lucky! Here’s an example…  This large painting of a child eating an ice cream cone doesn’t […]

Coping With Rejection

You can’t enter art shows without opening the door for rejection. And I’ve had my share. The way I see it, entering alone is a win. If you make a habit of entering, you’ll set yourself up for success. In 2010, both my Rose Show entries for Oregon Society of Artists earned an award, which […]

More on Portraits

As Vincent van Gogh said, “it is difficult to know oneself, but it isn’t easy to paint oneself either”       Ah, but the self image is fun to play around with! HE played frequently… Painting ourselves — That’s what we’ll be doing on Friday at Oregon Society of Artists in Goose Hollow.         […]

The Self Portrait

I like painting myself! Does that mean I’m self absorbed? Maybe… But there are very good reasons to use your own image for a painting. For one thing, you always are available and won’t have to pay (or bribe) someone else to model. You needn’t worry about pleasing anyone else, so it’s easier to take […]


“Possessing Nothing Yet Having Everything” Chris Stubbs I remember talking with Chris Stubbs, a well loved portraiture artist who was teaching at OSA Tuesday mornings, about our painting challenges. And she said, “each time we paint, we have to prove our ability to do it over again, don’t we?” You would think after painting all […]


Here’s my holiday greeting to you for 2012…       This is a new version of a painting I’ve been working on, blossoms from the magnolia tree off my deck. I started painting this at the Wild Arts Festival. It follows the colorful white flower theme, based on my belief that if you get the values […]

Marbling Magic

Marbling is not so predictable. Full disclosure: it’s time consuming, messy and results vary. Preparing the paint is a challenge. But once you’ve mastered paint mixing, basic concepts are easy to learn. Some degree of control is gained through experience. Possibilities are endless… and how exciting to see the transformation! I originally learned to marble […]