NEW 2016 Dates at Rene’s Studio

Oct 10, Nov 14, Nov 28
10am – 2pm  / $150

Work with artist Rene Eisenbart, who will take you step-by-step painting colorful birds in water media. Make a gift of art, make your own wall art or fill your sketchbook.

From the initial sketch to the finished painting, you’ll develop skills for making art that is accurate and expressive. Learn tricks of the trade and paint handling tips. Study how to use good design in your paintings. Explore mixing color.

This class includes technique demonstrations by Rene as well as working time for you.

Rene gives lots of individual attention, to support you in creating your own expression. She’ll help you recognize and celebrate your strengths while looking for ways to grow or stretch your skills.

If you are just beginning to explore artistic expression, you will find this class to be a supportive environment. Give yourself space to learn and enjoy the experience. If you are coming with a proficiency in place, you might be looking for inspiration, camaraderie, structure, or feedback on your work. Chances are, you will find that, and more.



  • A sack lunch
  • Painting supplies for watercolor — paints, palette, water pot, sketch or layout paper, watercolor paper, pencil, kneaded eraser, water pot, tracing paper
  • Reference material — preferably several images showing different similar views of the same bird. Look for images online that can be printed and used.


  • Water soluble pencils or crayons, transfer paper
  • 6×6 canvas, cradled panel or standard frame
  • Examples of your work

Directions to Rene’s Studio