This was supposed to auto-post last March…
                        but it didn’t!

I was over at the Home & Garden show, February 20 through 24, at the Expo Center, painting much of the time. Thanks to all who stopped by!

There were new paintings this year, including Theresa’s Orchids on white, below.

Last year at the show I traded art for Orchid plants, and then painted them 11×14. Here’s the sketch as I was starting to paint last winter, leaves and one stem painted… along with the reference blossoms.

This year some of them are re-blooming! So now I re-sketched my painted orchids to create a different pattern, then using Photoshop, mirrored that design in the computer, adding a black background.

I’m painting them on a cradled cradled panel made by American Easel that’s 40×40 inches! Above is the digital image I’m working from. The work, below, is in progress…

And here I’m working on that same piece at the show… this gives you a feel for the size of the painting.

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  1. Deana Hayes
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