at Rene’s Studio
April 24 — Sketching your way to Better Design

May 29 — Adding Creative Color

10am – 3pm

$60 each



Watch TIME LAPSE VIDEO of Rene’s portrait painting, “The Rapture”

Work with Rene painting portraits in water media
Portraiture, an expressive art form in it’s own right, is the vehicle we’ll use to find new and expressive ways of approaching our work.

This is a studio class for ongoing study and exploration. You bring projects to start or finish. I’ll work with you to plan and create your painting, plus I will offer individual mini-demos to help you resolve specific issues.

This class will have an emphasis on designing the portrait and use of color. I also will introduce textural methods and cover different types of paint application. We will explore different concepts and techniques. There will be at least one demo each week, so that you will be able to see how my portraits develop — I am usually working on several at any given time but may paint one step-by-step at the classes.

“The Rapture”

Accepted to WSO’s 2019 SPRING show by juror Jean Pederson

Want to learn more about my art process?  Check out my blog: http://renesnews.blogspot.com

QUESTIONS? CHECK FOR OPENINGS —  Contact Rene at rene.art@gmail.com
or 503-890-9668


  • A sack lunch
  • Painting supplies for watercolor — paints, palette, brushes, sketch or layout paper, watercolor paper, pencil, kneaded eraser, water pot, tracing paper
  • Reference material — Check THIS HANDOUT for what makes good photo reference for a portrait.


  • Water soluble pencils or crayons, transfer paper
  • Watercolor paper or block, cradled panel
  • Examples of your work