2024 dates!

June 18, 19, 20

3-day workshop / 10am – 4pm


We’ll have 3 days to marble in my back yard! I’ll provide the supplies, including some paper, you bring blank watercolor paper, art prints, paintings you’re not happy with, maps or sheet music that you can marble. You will go home with reinvented paintings and sheets of marbled papers. This will be a FAST PACED workshop — so be prepared to move quickly. While there are many steps, marbling is easy once you learn how.

Warning: Marbling can be addictive!

Day 1
— Prepare your paper, learn what surfaces to use plus how to apply and manipulate the paint with tools to create a variety of patterns. You’ll see many examples of color combinations and patterns.

Make exciting one-of-a-kind papers for collage or experimental paintings. While the marbling process is fast and exhilarating, to master it requires learning the steps. Even on this first day you will be surprised how many papers you can make. If you already know how, come with papers alum treated and dried to begin marbling sooner. You can also alum papers in class.

Day 2
— Learn to manipulate marbled patterns. We will begin to problem solve with a better understanding of what can go wrong and how to fix it. René will demonstrate how she integrates marbling with watercolor painting. It’s easy when you know how to approach it! We’ll talk about color palette choices and how to prepare your pattern for opacity or transparency. René will show examples of what works and what doesn’t when patterning over art.

Marble sheets of blank watercolor paper with patterns that allow paper to show through. Marble over maps, sheet music or pages from a book. Marble over art prints to get a feel for how much to cover, then try marbling on paintings.

Day 3
Learn to make subtle patterns with little value change and riotous patterns full of verve.

Marble specialty papers including watercolor paper up to full sheet (22×30 inches), using metallic paints or techniques such as dripping paint into the pattern. Simulate water or stone. Master complex traditional patterns or experiment and make up your own. Now would be the time for marbling a silk scarf or a cotton cloth to cover a one-of-a-kind sketchbook. In the afternoon we can marble 3-D objects.

This will be an action-packed workshop.
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