at Rene’s Studio
April 14 — ARTICHOKE BLOSSOM & BEE / Close cropped subject

10am – 3pm

$60 each class


The leaves, flower or fruit of the artichoke all make lively painting subjects! Here are a few I’ve painted in the past.

But this time my plan is to paint the flower, with a bee. I love the idea of contrasting the blue-purple thistle blossom with a yellow-orange bee!

Work with Rene painting botanicals in water media
Paint with realism and precision in mind or capture the essence in an interpretive manner, it’s up to you.

This is a studio class for ongoing study and exploration.
Each class I’ll offer a subject that I’ll demo, with a sketch that you can paint — or come with your own subject in mind. I’ll also choose an area of focus to plan a lesson around. Then I’ll work with you as you create your painting and give individual mini-demos to help you resolve specific issues.

I also will occasionally introduce textural methods and cover different types of paint application. We’ll explore alternative concepts and techniques. There will be demos each class so you can see how my paintings develop.

“Artichoke Provence”

Choose an artichoke like this, or paint the close-up cropped blossom that Rene will sketch and paint. She will send images of her sketch and reference photos to you, after you’ve signed up.

CHECK FOR OPENINGS —  Contact Rene at
or 503-890-9668


  • A sack lunch
  • Painting supplies for watercolor — paints, palette, brushes, sketch or layout paper, watercolor paper, pencil, kneaded eraser, water pot, tracing paper
  • Reference material