at Rene’s Studio
June 7 & 9

10am – 3pm  / $60 each

Woodland Trillium 22×30

Why Work Large?

Large images are so dramatic! While working large can feel intimidating, it can actually be easier to paint large than small, especially when you work loose and expressively. For a detailed painting, plan on putting in the time. Either way, the key to success is starting with a good design. A painting that is arresting in a small format will translate well into a large piece. Work in whatever size feels large to YOU.

TUESDAY: First we’ll talk about the design of the painting you plan to make and how you might adapt it. Are the shapes interesting? What about the negative shapes? Does it include areas of light, mid and dark values? How could it be improved? Working out the design in advance will give you confidence. Then project or transfer your drawing onto your large paper. Next you’ll apply the preliminary washes, making decisions about where you want to work wet-on-wet and when to let it dry between washes. For areas where you want more control, work wet-on-dry.

THURSDAY: We’ll place additional washes in order to tweak color and add definition, complexity and texture. Early stages of a painting go quickly, while determining what a painting needs and adding the final details takes time. Careful consideration at this stage leads you toward making a winning painting. But also be careful to take risks! Experimenting and making mistakes is how we grow our skills as artists. Anything can be fixed.

This class includes technique demonstrations by Rene as well as working time for you. Rene gives lots of individual attention, to support you in creating your own expression. She’ll help you recognize and celebrate your strengths while looking for ways to grow or stretch your skills. It is a supportive environment to learn and enjoy the experience of art making. You’ll also find camaraderie, structure, and feedback on your work.


  • A sack lunch, beverage, sweater
  • Reference material — preferably several images
    …or use Rene’s reference and drawing that she will send out by email.
  • Painting supplies


Directions to Rene’s Studio

Questions?   Check for openings — email Rene to sign up

or 503-890-9668

Summer Roses 22×30

Work with Rene’s subject and reference (this time a Peony) or bring your own — there is always flexibility to move whatever direction your art (or heart) takes you. Rene will send you photo images and a sketch by email.

We’ll start with a one-on-one discussion, looking at each participant’s subject or work in progress to iron out any issues.  Then you’ll develop your subjects, usually including a study sketch to work out design possibilities and set value tones.

Rene will show her work in progress and offer a painting demo, either a subject of her choosing or a project someone in the group is working on.

Ferry to Dubrovnik, in progress