Sept 27-29 / 2023  (Fri-Sun)

AT Oregon Society of Artists

9:30am – 3:30pm

3 days of workshop instruction in Goose Hollow, Portland


Our path to discovery is intentional play, as we craft unique textural substrates for our watercolor paintings. Texture inherently encourages loose, vibrant paintings and gives you fresh, new starts. Next we’ll focus on composition, value and interpreting subjects to create our experimental works of art. Beginning with your textured paper or panel, you’ll paint on the surface with watercolor paint, first drippy, then controlled (or vice versa) to convey your subject.



Rene will show you step-by-step her process for creating textured watercolor paper or wood panels to make a painting. Applying watercolor paint over the grass, stick or leaf-like acrylic texture allows the paint to settle in the depressions or spaces in between, almost painting itself! Following a value pattern sets you up for success.

Making a textural substrate is the first place in the creative process where the marks of the artist are laid down, enhancing and supporting your concept behind the work.

Breathe new life into unresolved paintings while enhancing the concept behind your work with texture and patterning. Adding acrylic mediums and opaques to your watercolor technique opens up whole new worlds of possibilities! Learn to re-evaluate and reinvent your work when it isn’t working to your satisfaction. Any painting can be “fixed” with the right combination of acrylic grounds and liftable opaques. Build your skills and your imagination in this lively, supportive workshop, designed to promote “out of the box” thinking!


“The special effects texture class was wonderful. It gave me the courage to reframe how I thought about watercolor and what makes a successful painting
 I wasn’t sure how many of the techniques we used would work. As it turned out even my ‘mistakes’ could enhance the painting. It was fun to break the rules and be experimental. Super fun, well taught and encouraging class. I now know I can correct most mistakes and never have to throw away a 300# sheet of paper again.
I loved the class, very inspirational!”
                                               — Marsha Matschek
“Rene’s ‘Special Effects’ workshop was an eye-opener! I come from a background of using traditional watercolor processes and was interested in finding new ways to add texture to watermedia paintings. I loved learning how to create depth and form with thick gesso, painting on transparent ground, experimenting with stringy applications of tar gel, and finishing details using acrylic inks. Rene covered other texture-producing materials in addition to what I’ve mentioned. 
I highly recommend this workshop for artists interested in exploring new watermedia possibilities.”
                                               — Mary Rollins

Promise Of Things To Come

This close-up shows the effectiveness of the applied texture.


The textured gesso under this 8×8 painting on wood panel adds a tapestry for the image to flow within.


This painting is on watercolor paper with heavy gesso texture applied first and the result is compelling. American Easel has made prints of this on wood panel. Viewers sometimes walk up to touch the flat surface because the texture looks so realistic!