at Rene’s Studio

June 25, 26 / 10am-3pm


So you’ve marbled and have a stack of amazingly beautiful papers — but what to do now? This workshop takes you through the options for turning your marbling into beautiful works of art.

■ Paint over your marbled patterns, using mixed media or acrylic ground with your watercolor. Touch up paintings you’ve marbled to make them “sing”! ■ Create a collage, making a pattern using imagery and marbling that you love. ■ Collage marbled deli papers onto your paintings. ■ Cover a journal.

Rene will show examples and offer ideas. She will work with each of you one-on-one to find solutions and discover possibilities for your work. 

Some materials provided.


  • Marbled Paper (both what you love and what you don’t)
    Other paper for collage
    Watercolor paintings that you don’t like — maybe you like sections that you can save by using it in a new composition. If it’s in the “start over” category it could become the background for a collage painting.
    Low tack tape (3M 233+ green automotive tape)
    Sharpie marker
    White chalk-like pencil if you have one
    Pencil & kneaded eraser
    Tracing paper
    Gator board or other work surface
    Marbled Cloth (if you have some)
    Watercolor Painting supplies — you know the drill!
    Reference: Bring several printed images to choose from that have a good value pattern — areas of dark dark, mid value and light value that make pleasing shapes in a variety of sizes. Can be any subject — or even abstract patterns that you like.
    Matte gel or soft gel, along with acrylic brushes
    A lunch


  • Water soluble pencils or crayons, transfer paper
  • Cradled panels

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