2024 dates: May 7, 8, 9

Tues – Thurs 10am – 3pm


Location: Rene’s studio

Class Description:

Explore concepts that guide you in making an exceptional portrait. Uncover the ESSENCE of your subject as you determine the IDEA you want to express, which will often evolve as you play with the images and shapes in your painting. We’ll interpret our subjects to create personal works of art that tell a story, starting loose and fresh then honing the details. Create a likeness by following the pattern of light, mid and dark values. Composition and texture making will guide us in this process.

Breathe new life into “finished” or unresolved paintings while enhancing the concept behind your work. Adding acrylics and opaques to your watercolor technique opens up whole new worlds of possibilities! Learn to re-evaluate and reinvent your work when it isn’t working to your satisfaction. Any painting can be “fixed” with the right combination of acrylic grounds and liftable opaques. Build your skills and your imagination in this lively, supportive workshop, designed to promote “out of the box” thinking!

Bring reference for new starts

Also bring unresolved work if you like

Want to learn more about my art process?
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This painting began as one I called “The Rapture” because of the expression on my friend’s face. I marbled it with acrylic and then painted the moths using acrylic ink, to further the story and complete the composition. See a time-lapse of the original watercolor painting below.

We will cover…

  • Portrait basics such as making a value sketch and mixing skin tones.
  • Paint application, specifically the water to paint ratio — drips vs. control — pros and cons of both.
  • Intermediate concepts of portrait design and style choices.
  • Plan ahead with this handout on Choosing Portrait Reference