CROATIA Art Workshop 2017

In May 2017 I took a group of artists to CROATIA to paint.
It was beyond AMAZING! It was everything I’d hoped for, and more.
Here’s an above town shot of the picturesque double peninsulas of Cavtat.

below is a window into our trip

click on images to enlarge

THE PLACE: View of Cavtat from the villa / Sunset over the harbor / Anita pruning the Villa Radovik roses

OUR CLASSROOM: Painting at the hilltop mausoleum / On the villa patio / Sue reading her poem about art in front of our gallery wall

DUBROVNIK: Gorgeous harbor / Central fountain viewed from the wall / Island fortress

White stone buildings / Fountain detail / City street

THE FOOD: What’s not to love? Waterfront Restaurants / Dinner out at Gruda / Fresh seafood

THE PEOPLE: Interacting with the Cavtat locals is a delight! The strawberry lady / The stone mason / A woman selling handmade lace

ALL THINGS BOTANICAL: Sweetly scented mock orange blossom / Century plant / Calla lilies

Smiling faces: Ann / Paulette & Rollie / Joni

Mary & Vivian / Elvina / Katie

SIDE TRIPS: Swimming in the Adriatic / Dancing at Čilipi / Stećak – medieval tombstones  

Sokol Grad / Art Gallery in Gruda / Historic stream walk


Join us when we return in 2020!

Stay tuned for a sampling of Croatia art…

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  1. Robin Becic
    Robin Becic says:

    It looked like an amazing trip. And of course a wonderful land filled with lovely people with warmth and top knotch hospitality! I look forward to all the art postings from the travelers that were there!
    We visit Croatia in the Fall this year, and can’t wait.

  2. Mila
    Mila says:

    Robin, when will you be in Croatia? We arrive in Split by ferry from Ancona Italy on Oct 3 and leave for Dubrovnik on Oct 5-8. Will our paths cross? The photos on this sight make me very excited to be there. Looks like great inspiration for paintings. Rene, I can see why you chose this spot for a workshop.


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