I’ve just updated my handout on how to paint on cradled panels by American Easel. The easiest way is to use their new Watermedia Panels, which have a wonderful painting surface that is a fun alternative to paper. I like it better than paper!

This 2 page handout tells all…


And also this handout, telling how you can finish watercolor paintings with acrylic,
both on a panel or with traditional framing.

I’ll be demoing at the Art Extravaganza tomorrow…


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  1. Barb
    Barb says:

    Hello Rene – I’ve got 2 watercolor paintings that I have attached to cradled wood panels & applied the Dorland’s wax to per your excellent instructions, and they have turned out very nice! Thank you for the information on this. However, I’m thinking about also putting the Golden topcoat over that, so they’ve got UV protection as well. Do you know if it will go over the Dorland’s wax without other problems (like less clarity &/or not adhering to the wax properly)? Thanks.


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