“Possessing Nothing Yet Having Everything” Chris Stubbs

I remember talking with Chris Stubbs, a well loved portraiture artist who was teaching at OSA Tuesday mornings, about our painting challenges. And she said, “each time we paint, we have to prove our ability to do it over again, don’t we?”

You would think after painting all the years I have, that I would be able to know a piece will “work out”. It’s true, having a history of success does bolster confidence. But each time, starting with that white piece of paper, I reaffirm my ability. Or not… some paintings just don’t work out the way I want them to.

As an artist, I quickly lose interest in playing it safe. I WANT to take risks — challenging myself to work on the edge of my ability. That’s where the FUN is!
It also leaves room for failures and mishaps.

“BIGdarrin” Ted Nuttall

And that reminds me of what Ted Nuttall said at the WSO Fall Convention (2011). ” We never achieve the level of success in our paintings that we see in our minds. The mind is always one step ahead”.

So true…!