My painting, one of 46 accepted into the show by juror Linda Baker, took 2nd place in the NWWS WATERWORKS UNPLUGGED show in Bothell Washington. The show is at the TSUGA Fine Art & Framing through November 16, 2018

What Linda said about her choices:

“I was looking for images that showcased strong composition, skill and a unique handling of the medium as a starting point. That being said, as juror, I was looking for that something extra. I find that I am moved by an interesting point of view or unusual subject matter, an artist’s unique interpretation of a mundane scene and above all the voice and hand of the artist.”

And TSUGA chose it for their show poster!

The opening was well attended. Since Linda Baker couldn’t be there for the opening reception, Liana Bennett stepped in to announce the awards. Here is show chair Molly Murrah with Liana (on right).

Liana’s comment on Eating Crow…

“What you want is for a painting to continually surprise you, to constantly find something different, a new passage where you say “isn’t that wonderful” and you want to bring that painting home. Well, I just saw that woman cutting her food and i’m looking at it and I see the crow and, Oh my gosh, that’s a good crow! Not only that, it is a surprise — you don’t see it right away. It’s a discovery. You look at her piece and first you just see this lady. The edges on it look fresh. I admire that about watercolor because you can’t just start throwing paint on it like with oil or acrylic to cover your mistakes. This is a painting that I think you could live with and always be surprised by some part of it — a lost edge — and that top part, I’m an abstract painter also so I love the fact that you just let it go out into the background.”

Thank you Liana!


I was teaching at Menucha’s Creative Arts Community, essentially a summer camp for adult artists, and it was HAT DAY. At dinner, the light was streaming through the window onto Mary’s face, and I snapped a few pictures.


It was not my intension to create a portrait of Mary, I simply wanted to borrow the light on her face and interpret it into a painting! Clearly, my photo was the inspiration but if I had not drawn this it would never have become the painting that it is. I changed her hair color and accentuated the angle of her face to add to the intensity. I lost the necklace and toned down the color on her dress. Then I noticed that the bow on her hat looked a little like a bird’s beak and thought, “What would happen if I made a bird on her head?” SO, of course I did! Here’s the finished piece.


I started this painting in 2015, layering fresh washes of color. I kept the detail on the face minimal so that your eye would be drawn to the hands and silverware, then up to the face and ultimately to the bird. The last thing I did, just before submitting the image, above, was to darken the left side which magnifies that effect. Below, right is the earlier version.


First place went to Carla O’Conner for “Beautiful Creatures”
Liana said, “I have admired Carla for a long time. Carla may be winning all the top prizes but she’s earned her chops. She is an inspiration for all of us.”

SO True!

Two other Oregon artists had awards…

Sandra Wood took essentially 4th place for “Chrome Of Fire II”

Alisha Whitman was given an award for “High On A Mountaintop”, above right.

After delivering 8 Oregon paintings to Bothell Washington on Saturday I drove back to Portland and then left the next morning to teach a 3-day Marbling workshop in Gold Beach on the southern Oregon coast Monday – Wednesday! I got “The Call” from show chair Molly Murrah suggesting I would want to attend the opening reception on Thursday and managed to get back to Portland by Thursday morning. So grateful not to drive, I caught a ride with artist Diane Pinney and her husband. Here they are at the show.

About the show, Linda said:

“as always, it is a pleasure and an honor to judge such a prestigious exhibition. The work was strong and the decisions difficult, so acceptance in itself should be considered an honor.”

If you don’t believe that, take a closer look at the two portraits far right that Judy Morris (who taught the NWWS workshop) is gazing at. The one on top is by show chair Molly Murrah, below is a painting by NWWS president Deborah Roskopf and I love them both! Neither made the cut. I’m feeling really lucky! And it is truly an honor.