AUGUST 3-day BOTANICAL workshop

This OSA event is an ideal way to take your painting to the next level. Try new techniques, play with some new surfaces and improve your design skills. Learn how to take a good reference photo.

Any level of experience is welcome. Bring your own subject, or use the lilies I will bring to learn from — both plants and photos.

More about the event HERE

Register online HERE

A composition study in my journal sketched with Lyra water soluble graphite.
It’s a good way to do a quick test to see how the values work.

And a painting, 10×10 inches, on Crescent WC board. Wouldn’t it be lovely to paint it huge?
I prefer the square format. Notice how I lightened the background value to keep the greatest contrast on the flower stamens.

Below, a photo I’ve used for reference several times with modification.
Not a totally lovely composition, but some delightful curves, and with a bit of reworking…

It might look like this…
I try to keep the qualities I like and change anything that does not please.
Notice I the simplified background and added bud.

And again below…
This time on Aquabord.
The fun thing about white flowers is making the shadows any color you want them to be!

We’ll study all this and more at the workshop.
Prepare to be inspired and energized!

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