You like to travel,
you enjoy painting and maybe
you crave sunshine in the dead of winter?
Combine these pleasures — come with me on a painting retreat.
I can’t imagine a destination more pleasing than this…

The ocean is the perfect temperature for swimming. Parks abound. Travel is easy. The pace is relaxing.
Need I say more?

But I will…

Last November Laura and I took a trip to scope things out. It was beyond our expectations!
The Costa Rican climate is amazing.

We saw wildlife everywhere! And we were just there for a few days.



Join us!

January 20 to February 2


We found traveling in Costa Rica to be quite easy. It’s located in Central America, just above Panama. You’ll fly into San Jose. Many people speak english in Costa Rica which makes communication a pleasure. I bought an inexpensive phone chip at the airport to make calls and also have data which meant access to GOOGLE MAPS. The villa in Manuel Antonio is 2 hours 15 minutes if you were to drive straight through. A shuttle will take you to the villa if you’re not renting a car.

Here is the beautiful home where we’re staying. The view is stunning!

There are many options for activities while you’re there. Soaking pools for cooling down, swimming, hiking, zip line, cooking lessons, massage, exploring the countryside, shopping…

It’s a 10 or 15 minute walk down to the beach or the park.

Our villa is on three levels and most bedrooms are up a spiral staircase. All of the rooms have king-sized beds!

While there is no dishwasher, we’ll have maid service on weekdays. There are several restaurants and a grocery in easy walking distance.

We’ll be there in the heart of papaya season! Have fresh papaya every day!

We cooked the freshest seafood imaginable!

Costa Rica is filled with tropical color. More species of birds can be found there than all of the US and Canada combined.

COSTA RICA! Graced with exotic flowers like PLUMARIA

After wanting to go to Costa Rica for years I finally had an opportunity and discovered the perfect retreat for a group of artists.

Laura and I look forward to leading lessons with tropical flair! The workshop will be filled with creatures and color, patterns from nature, birds and reptiles — all things beautiful.


On our 4-day exploratory trip I swam every single day and walked miles of beautiful beaches. Now I can’t wait to go back and visit the park at Manuel Antonio. Down the street are cafés, restaurants, the market — pretty much everything you could need. There’s also a bus stop. And a bakery too…

People in Costa Rica are genuinely cheerful and friendly — it’s the Pura Vida attitude! Literally translated it means pure life or simple life, but it can mean many things. We talked with this Gallery owner down the street…

and below, some local art.

I really like getting a sun fix in winter. It just makes rain so much more enjoyable when I return. Of course there are abundant tropical flowers and foliage to inspire and abundant tropical fruit, fresh vegetables and seafood to consume. The weather accommodates being outdoors much of the time. Clothes are easy — you don’t need much.

The weather can be hot but not super hot. It is often cooled by sea breezes and there is air-conditioning in the Villa, plus a cool soaking tub and swimming pool. Monkeys like to play on the balconies, and since there are hammocks, so will you!.

Here’s our “next door” café. Check out the view  that’s OUR view! If you’re observant you may see a sloth in the trees. We did!