Exploring Textural Watercolor — 3-day workshop

Some watercolorists strive for even, flat washes while others prefer the look of texture. I’m firmly in the second camp — any way I can make it happen. In part, I love the surprises — the paint unpredictability than can happen when you allow or encourage texture.

Join me March 24, 25 & 26 at Oregon Society of Artists for a playful introduction to the many textural effects of watercolor in conjunction with acrylic mediums. You will…

∆   Experiment with several techniques for creating almost sculptural surface texture on watercolor paper before you paint.

Here is an example of texture built-up on the substrate.
I’ll be using the value study on Aquabord, below, to demonstrate at the workshop.

 ∆   Learn which pigments granulate easily and techniques for layering rich texture into a painting. Create washes with flowing texture for interesting backgrounds or to enhance a subject.
Below, I’ve poured paint — onto paper mounted on cradled panel — to create the illusion of natural seascape…

… then lifted unwanted areas of color

and added paint to create the sky and rocky shore.

∆  Put your experience to work on watercolor paper, which we will adhere to a 12 x 12 inch cradled birch panel. You will learn how to finish it without using glass and take it home ready to hang on the wall. Here’s a detail of a self portrait hanging in the gallery at OSA this month.

Register by calling Art Media 503-223-3724 OR 1-800-990-3364
You don’t need to be an OSA member!

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