Marbling Transformation

I’ve been playing with Marbling… 
 Besides being so much fun, it’s one way to turn a painting that doesn’t quite gel into something amazing. Of course, I never really know what I’ll end up with, but sometimes I get lucky!

Here’s an example…
 This large painting of a child eating an ice cream cone doesn’t work
because the hands and arms are too small and don’t look natural.
Yeah, I realized this AFTER I’d spent lots of time working on it! But I
LOVE the color and texture of the thing.

So Voila… a dip in the marbling bath plus an over painting, and look…

“Raven Dreams”
The hands were adequately obscured, but I felt the marbling pattern was a bit too busy — no central image or place for the eye to rest. So I added the bird, painting transparent enough that the marbling still shows through a bit.  I’m thrilled to say that this painting will hang in the Spring WSO show in Albany!

Below, another painting that is quite intriguing after the marbling… It’s an airbrush piece that I originally painted for the Oregonian. It was a little sappy and WAY too pink! Covering it with a semi-transparent blue/black marbling pattern turns pink to violet and gives it the look of a tattoo. I also added more hair on both sides and cropped the empty space on the right. But I could still play with an overpainting…


“Pandora’s Mask”

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  1. Ruth Armitage
    Ruth Armitage says:

    Congratulations on being persistent with your painting and getting into the WSO show! It is fun to see how a painting can change with the marbling and the layers you've added!


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