Another fabulous May in Tuscany!

Linda Nye and I had so much fun last year that we vowed to return — after all, there is NO POSSIBILITY you can see and do everything the first time you come to Italy! Returning is the only way. This year we brought two new groups of seven to paint, visit interesting places, take hundreds of pictures, walk in the hills and sample tuscan wines, olives, meats, cheeses and breads. Janet Parker, of Oregon Botanical Artists fame, joined us for the month to help with logistics.

So much to tell

Mary Lee took seven of us into Florence
for a tour on Saturday before the workshop started.
We spent a good bit of the time looking up,
and with our mouths open!

Part of the joy for me is seeing it reflected on the
faces of the people we bring.
Clearly, Janet is having an “Oh My” moment!

We couldn’t loose our leader in the crowd, wearing these bright yellow pants!

 at the Museo di San Marco

Above, Carol (right) takes the lead.

 It wouldn’t be Florence without the Duomo.

Trattoria Bordino

We stopped for lunch at a steak house across the Ponte Vecchio. The food was terrific and we taste tested their deserts. I think Linda expresses how satisfied we all felt when we left!

Mary Lee poses with me in front of the Ponte Vecchio

at the Bargello Museum

Below are Janet and Linda, to the right is Elvina, lost in a photo moment. 

Florence is full of characters

Parents wait while a portrait artist sketches their daughter…
Walking through street market, this dear girl was giving out free hugs. One side of her sign was in Italian, the other in English and she flipped it when she got a quizzical look!

These young men knew what we did not — that we were traveling with an Australian movie star, alias My Allred! They were convinced she was the real thing (and they are right, she IS sexy!)

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