MAGIC 2017

Eight enthusiastic artists gathered at my place last week to marble, with some pretty spectacular results. The weather was perfect this year — not too hot and not too cold.


Linda marbled over prints, such as this floral, with remarkable results

Lynne and Kathryn spritzing paint


Working on a metalic pattern


Joyce manipulating her pattern

We shared our successes —

Pointing out what works and remembering the steps for making it happen offers the possibility of a future repeat.

Look how beautifully marbling integrates Joyce’s kingfisher with his environment! 

Besides adding excitement, marbling has a way of softening hard edges and bridging areas of color in a painting. It moves your eye through the piece.

Here’s Airi shows her stunning new pieces—

Marbling patterns combine so well with the geometric shapes she uses for her abstracts. She’ll have much to take away — some pieces are perfect as is, others she will paint to perfection.

Toni shows her colorful, organic patterns.

Last year she marbled traditional patterns and this year she experimented. Notice the map in her lap that she transformed with marbling. Though this could be a work of art as it is, it also would make excellent material for collage.

Beth hangs another print to dry

Make no mistake, marbling is HARD WORK! It is physically demanding. At the end of the day we were tired, but with the creative satisfaction of having done something totally worthwhile. Check my teaching list for upcoming marbling opportunities! For immediate gratification check out my 3-day marbling & collage workshop July 27, 28 & 29 in Eugene.