Using Aquabord

Aquabord, if you haven’t tried it for watercolor, works a little differently than any other surface. Water absorbs into the clay while the pigment floats on top, allowing for granulating patterns and lifting of paint. The clay turns buff colored when wet and dries back to white. The sculpted surface encourages pigment to granulate. Layering builds up rich color values.

Varnishing the work when finished brings out the vibrant color of wet paint! And after varnishing there’s no need to hide your beautiful art behind glass.

I accidentally left a painting outside overnight (letting the varnish fumes evaporate) and found it drenched with rainwater!

No worry, just shake it off and wipe dry.

I’ll be over at the downtown Art Media store from 2 to 4 pm on Wednesday, February 16th, to demonstrate using watercolor on Aquabord (pictured here with Art Media’s lovely Gail Vines).

I will talk about using watercolor paper on beautiful, locally manufactured, birch Cradle Boards. This is a technique I’m experimenting with that is new to the watercolor community. Again, I frame without glass — this time using a top coat of acrylic for complete protection of the paper surface.

OK, I’ll also be shamelessly promoting my upcoming workshops!

Join me there… It’s free, and with a $20 purchase you can park free, across the street at the Smart Park, garage entrance on 10th.

Art Media (downtown)
902 SW Yamhill
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 503.223.3724

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