VARIATIONS: Myrna Wacknov Workshop, OSA 2011

A week of exploration yielded paintings based on an image that Myrna provided, plus I used reference of the same person, (Mike Henderson — an art instructor, painter and blues musician), captured from on an online video. My goal was to work in different styles, using materials both new and familiar. Value study sketches were used to become familiar with the subject.

A quick sketch with a marker on Strathmore wet media board, was over-painted with a mix of mat media, gesso and Golden’s Absorbent Ground, adding a bit of texture when wet. Then I added watercolor washes of Quinacridone Violet, Phthalocyanine Green, and Vermillion. Used printer stamps to add the letters.

This, on Crescent Watercolor Board, uses India Ink and watercolor washes. I added Golden Crackle Paste painted (when dry) with watercolor and Winsor Newton’s Iridescent Medium.

Sketch was warped in Adobe Photoshop, I then outlined it in resist using a metal tipped squirt bottle. It eventually clogged the tip! Resist was removed after painting to reveal white lines.

This was painted on a background of watercolor on Yupo paper. Since it is not paper at all, but plastic, the paint sits on the surface and is easily removed. I used an angular motif to sketch on the face, then lifted areas to white or pale tones. More darks were added to block in shadows.

Working from one of my image captures, this piece is an attempt to add a feeling of antiquity. I added a halo of gold leaf, and wings! In blue and gold. It’s on an old piece of paper I added mat medium and gesso with paint mixed in, a thin layer of absorbent ground mutes the color and allows for paint to adhere.

This is my personal favorite. 3/4 view. I’m working on Strathmore board again. It is a looser, sketchy rendering, using M.Graham’s Purple Dioxazine paint to block in values and DaVinci Watercolor Encausticks — a new product I have been testing — to add gradations and details.
Use the large “crayons” dry, then soften with water, or dip in water and draw, or draw on wet paper — all for different effects. I’ll call this “I Want To Be Like Mike!”

Golden liquid acrylic, squeezed right from the bottle on a watercolor block outlines this high key image. It is a stylized piece, drawing from the work of Alphonse Mucha for inspiration. Wet watercolor mostly stays within the acrylic lines.

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