Summer may be over,
                but it was certainly memorable. 

We had a ton of fun in my backyard with the summer marbling workshops!

Pretty amazing work came out of the marbling bath. No surprise there — I was working with some very accomplished artists. Note the LARGE pieces on the line!

Intense lighting during the first workshop made photographing a challenge — not to mention I was preoccupied with teaching. Still, this will give you a flavor of the experience.

Lots of room outdoors for rinsing and drying.
Lining the walls and carpet inside with plastic and tarps worked perfectly!

Everyone had their own counter-height table.

Smaller trays inside, and we got out the big tray day 2 outside (below)

 The quality of work was amazing and magical — even backlit you can see it!

This lovely piece by Donna Jarvis, “Tea and Incense”, took a prize at Painters Showcase. She said it transformed a painting that wasn’t working before. Isn’t it magical?
Sue marbled this cat wine bottle and gifted me with it — full of white wine! After consuming the wine (it was Tom’s birthday after all!) I repurposed it with a pour spout.
After the class I experimented with marbling on prints from my Canon on photo paper — and it worked well! That’s one way to test out patterns before you commit to marbling over an original. 

And I marbled this nandina on a 12 x 12 cradled panel. It sold at the Creative Arts Community gallery at Menucha.

Our second group with their favorite marbled pieces.

A few examples of student work from the second workshop…

The feedback on this workshop was very positive! 

Here are comments about the experience:

“I’m a realistic painter, and wondered how i would use marbling. My hope was that I could “improve” my art with marbling. It was a very hot day, but we were in Rene’s cool basement, but had sunshine for our papers to dry outside.   
Rene prepared for what felt like days and days to make us comfortable, and to have the whole adventure go smoothly. She was patient, accommodating, cheerful, and extremely knowledgeable about all that she shared with us. It was all so much fun, I almost didn’t realize how much I learned in two days. 
It was an all round great experience, and I hope to do it again sometime. I am now spending time thinking about my work and which pieces I could marble, and all the effects I can create. 
Thanks, Rene, for all you did for us.” 
                   Kris Preslan 

I was so delighted with the results of the marbling over my two “losers” that I am matting and framing them and bringing them to the Painters Showcase Show.  I also embellished another plain marbled sheet and will show it also.

I want to be counted as one who thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and appreciated all the extra work you went to, to keep us cool.”

                   Donna Jarvis 

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  1. Mary Kosary
    Mary Kosary says:

    Just discovered your site here…and am super excited about marbeling over paintings. I am sitting in my studio in Venice, Florida and probably have several hundred watercolors that I have done in this room. What a great option for some of them.
    Thanks for the info…Mary Kosary

    • Rene Eisenbart
      Rene Eisenbart says:

      You are so welcome, Mary! I hope you have fun in the process. You might enjoy seeing my new instructional marbling video, now available online. It tells exactly how I go about combining marbling with paintings!
      You can stream it:


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