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NWS International Show, 11 / 2013

A recap of the National Watercolor Society’s  93rd International Exhibition, in San Pedro, CA. The jurors … Kathleen Conover, Gerald Brommer and Dean Mitchell Besides myself, with (RAVEN DREAMS) the other two Oregon painters in the show are Dyanne Locati and Geoffrey McCormack (who I enjoyed flying with). Myrna Wacknov, with this portrait of her […]


I feel very lucky! I’m taking a portrait workshop with Lynn Powers, an amazing artist and skillful teacher. Perhaps she absorbed some of her skill growing up with mom, artist Jan Kuntz, or producing art videos with Creative Catalyst. Lynn has definitely found her own unique voice and it is fascinating to work with her. […]

Memories of Kauai

In anticipation of taking a group of artists to Kauai in February for an Art Workshop / Retreat, I’m posting memories from about 10 years ago…           … It turned out to be perfect timing for a winter getaway. One day I was shoveling a six-inch blanket of ice from my […]

NWS Acceptance!!!

I can’t help but SHOUT about this (as I jump up and down)… My painting, “Raven Dreams” was selected for the National Watercolor Association’s Open show! (Thank you Liz Walker for being the first to let me know) It took several days for my feet to drift back to the ground. By then it had […]

AUGUST 3-day BOTANICAL workshop

This OSA event is an ideal way to take your painting to the next level. Try new techniques, play with some new surfaces and improve your design skills. Learn how to take a good reference photo. Any level of experience is welcome. Bring your own subject, or use the lilies I will bring to learn […]


For years people have asked me to make cards of my work, and finally I have! Very soon you will find some of them for sale at Oblation, an amazing paper store on NW12th, just past Glisan,  around the corner from Dick Blick Here they are… 14 different designs. The card back includes my information […]

COMMENTS on the ITALY workshop

WHAT PARTICIPANTS ARE SAYING This has been a fabulous, life changing two weeks in Tuscany — Great instruction, ideas, companions, food, activities, accommodations & setting. I could never have imagined anything more satisfying. You are one incredible lady. Your smile makes it all good! Laura Congratulations on your 1st travel workshop! It has been fabulous […]


A month in Tuscany, traveling with artists, was wonderful for me — almost beyond belief! It all started as a reunion trip for my critique group last May. Then Linda Nye and Carol Winchester stayed to help me put on a 12-day workshop. Seven artists joined us. We stayed in a villa outside Lucca, making […]


Coating with acrylic is an experimental process.  Be sure to test your results with art that is not precious (using comparable paper or board and paint) before risking your best work. Photograph your work before you top coat to get the best image. It’s harder to get a good photograph through the acrylic layers. Allow […]